Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Hot schwarf burns the skin
The hammer splits the nail
Does exactly what it says on the tin
Learn the craft, the holy grail

Macho skill to trade in
Try and balance on the roof beam
As splinters flow in my blood stream
Splinters flow in our blood stream

Rub each others angles off
whittle your world carefully
Gorilla mitts and callous touch
From a branch of my family tree

Broken bones reform tough
Like the knots and whorls of a spiney beam
As Splinters flow in my bloodstream
Splinters flow in our bloodstream

Wears hi-vis when in bed
Dreaming of wet concrete
wears a yellow hard-hat in bed
Dreaming of wet concrete

He'll wear his hi-vis when he's dead
After he fell straight off the roof beam
When splinters flow in his bloodstream
Splinters flow in their bloodstream

Foresee, foresee
limey concrete
long screw for you
paint fumes for you
foresee, foresee
for wood you could
long screw for you
paint fume for you

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