Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Reason dazzled, dreams and madness are one and the same
I descend down, i spiral around

Hallucinations rolling into shore like a mexican wave
Under-currents drag me down, in colours i drown, in aquamarine i drown

A house of dry leaves in a place of dead roads
forever lost then found
Why build on firmer ground?

Asylum logic, has no plot and provides no clues
And no glue provides a residue of truth

Rhyme and reason doesn't map the blue springs flowing through
These red seas and sulphurous pools

Life logistics Rubik's cube
numbers crawl like lice
so it's nice when 2 and 2 make 5

A sick man, a strange, man a frivolous man
A sick man, a deranged man, an oblivious man

All aboard the ship of fools
Misty minds are our sharpened tools
Set sail and don't grip the wheel
Float adrift and on an uneven keel

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