Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Deep Dive

Mount Mabu's in my mind's eye
A blue lagoon for a deep dive
Float in the limbo water of a sloping lake
In the land of lime lakes and waving palms
i've been away

Terra incognita
Explore sub rosa
I covet something fresh, I crave for something new
Melt the frozen keys to a world of gleaming windows
i've been away

A vision like Fitzcarraldo
Aguirre, and lands of gold
Haul a steamer over a mighty mountainside
And build an opera house in the dew green canopy
i've been away

A parcel in a lost forest
Unmapped and no compass
Traverse the treacherous rapids and dark jaded winds
You'll be waiting for us in the shade of sheltering palms
I've been away


  1. "Fitzcarraldo" is a film with the great Klaus Kinski in which the protagonist(Kinski as Fitzcarraldo) envisions to build an opera in the jungle and he's about to do nearly impossible things to reach this.
    Worth watching! Greets from Germany.
    Great music, by the way!

  2. oh. pretty late for that information, i guess..